Robert’s Rescue

Robert – abandoned on the roadside

JUST RESCUED! We found a nearly lifeless, emaciated dog on a nearby country road in South Stockton. Although we initially thought he was dead, something about the situation meant we just had to take a closer look. And it was a miracle we did! The dog was lying flat on his side, his skeleton-like body completely motionless. We approached him gently, inching closer and closer as we dared to hope he might still be alive. But there was no movement. Then slowly his head turned and his eyes opened: it was like he had returned from the dead.

We rushed him to the hospital where he received life-saving care. His thin, flea-infested body tells an all-too-common story of neglect and indifference. And he was rescued in an area we’ve come to think of as a graveyard of forgotten souls.

All who were involved in his rescue will be haunted by this dog’s striking eyes: we will never forget that piercing look he gave us and his desperate plea for help.

We’ve named this lost soul ‘Robert’ and hope you’ll stay tuned for updates on his journey back to health. At this special time of the year, we also hope you’ll consider supporting Robert’s recovery. Any contribution of any amount is warmly welcomed!

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