PIGs: Monthly Giving Club

Welcome to PIGs: Partners in Giving, Harvest Home’s Monthly Giving Club!

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary would like to invite you to join our VERY exclusive group of members who donate to the sanctuary on a monthly basis.

Sign up today!

Our special members sustain us in a way that pays our animal care expenses every month. Without this special club, we could not survive.  Did you know that it costs:

  • $25 to pay the feed costs of one goat per month?
  • $30 to pay the feed costs of one pig per month?
  • $40 to pay the feed costs for the flock of chickens for one month?
  • $50 to cover the care for one special needs rabbit per month?
  • $200 to feed the entire rabbit room for one month?

That’s a lot of food costs!

6729567049_bbe6d785d4_zMonica wants to know, won’t you join this fabulous and generous club?

The best thing about it is that it’s easy! Just go to our PIGs Club sign up page.

Once you’ve entered your information, your credit card will be charged every month for the amount that you choose. If you decide at any point that you’d like to change or cancel your monthly donation, you can simply log into to your account and do so.

As a special thank you to those who join PIGS, we will be sending you a special gift in the mail!

PIGs Club Charter Members

  • Margo DeMello (Jorge the Chicken)
  • Dorie Giuliano
  • Lisa Hernandez (Kerrie the Turkey)
  • Janelle Kessler (Mattie the Turkey)
  • Han-Yu Loo (Mohawk the Pig)
  • Christine Morrissey (Vanessa the Chicken)
  • Megan Ortiz
  • Susan Rudnicki
  • Laura Toller Gardner
  • Michael Wu
  • Kerrie Lynn Wooten (Kerrie the Turkey)

PIGs Members
Aaron Van Laar
Abby and John Perata
Adam Kol
Alma Hachey
Amanda Chow
Amy Mueller
Andrea Matsushima and Ken Mark
Andrew Schultze
Barbara and Jon Kenney
Beryl Gilbert
Carolyn Mosher
Cat Vade Bon Coer
Charles and Birgit Davis
Cherille Balbin Martinez
Dennis Williams
Diane Gandee Sorbi
Gail Palin
Han-Yu Loo Fong
Hollie Krantz
Jackie Va
Janelle Kessler
Janet Cole
Janis Hamada
Jason Eggert
Jennifer Matos
Jennifer Pasquetti
Judy Stanger
Junko Freidin
Karen Courtemanche
Karen Johanson
Kathy Buckley
Kerrie Lynn Wooten
Lara Rouse
Lindsey Hodge and David Wiebe
Lori Woods
Margo DeMello
Marie Carter
Mark Rohn
Megan Ortiz Phornsavanh
Michael and Cordelia Naumann
Michele Snyder
Mike and Amy Ayala
Nadine May
Natalie Arnold
Nicole Damasco-Alioto
Pam Chawla
Patricia Seals
Rachel and Jeff Hess
Rebecca Wolf
Robert Rush
Ron Landskroner
Ronnie Steinau
Ruth Robertson
Susan Rudnicki
Tammy Yu
Victoria Santos
Zayda Yeoh

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