Other Ways to Donate

Donate through your Workplace

  • If you are a private employee, you can donate through your local workplace giving program if they have one, or through United Way.
  • If you’re a state or federal employee, postal worker, or member of the US military, you can donate through the Combined Federal Giving Campaign. Our CFC number is 46461.

Donate a Car/Boat/RV

Are you thinking of selling or trading in that old car, boat, motorcycle, or RV? Why not donate it instead? As a charitable contribution your donation could make a big difference and you will receive a tax write-off for your donation.

If you wish to donate a vehicle to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, please click here.

Support the Compassion in Crisis Emergency Fund

Help Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary prepare for an emergency. We welcome the following donations on an ongoing basis:

  • Flashlights
  • Fire blankets
  • Animal Carriers (All sizes)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • First-aid kits
  • Bungee chords
  • Wax pencils
  • Plastic storage bins
  • Feed for the animals
  • Bullhorns
  • Carbon monoxide devices
  • Batteries (Various sizes)
  • Pre-paid cell phones

To donate supplies, please contact us at rescue@harvesthomesanctuary.org.

Buy Us Items from the Amazon Wish List

Shop our Amazon Wishlist and items are sent directly to the sanctuary!

  • Blankets, sheets, towels, and rugs for animal habitats (used ok!)
  • Bales of grass or timothy hay for the rabbits
  • Bales of straw for bedding
  • Purina Rabbit Chow – “Complete” or “Fiber3″
  • Chicken Feed – Layena Crumble
  • Gift cards to Safeway, Food Maxx or Costco for perishables likes greens and fruit
  • PetMeds
  • Printer paper
  • Paper towels and White Vinegar for cleaning
  • Willow tents, willow balls and willow rings from the Busy Bunny

Planned Giving – Be a Harvest Home Angel!

The Harvest Home Angels is a special group of Harvest Home friends who have remembered Harvest Home in their estate plans. These generous friends have made their gifts through bequests, retirement plans, or life insurance policies. Your estate plan gift will help build a strong heritage for Harvest Home and ensure that we can continue our important rescue work for generations to come.

Planned gifts to Harvest Home can be made in two ways: bequests through wills and trusts, and through retirement plans and life insurance policies.

Wills and Trusts. Bequests of all sizes are welcome. You may make a bequest of cash, securities, or real estate by designating a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a particular asset. A bequest is simple to arrange in consultation with your legal adviser. It is a revocable arrangement, enabling you to make alterations as your circumstances change. Moreover, a bequest to Harvest Home will qualify your estate for an estate tax deduction as allowable by law.

Sample Will Provision: “I give (____ dollars), (_____ percent of the residue of my estate) or (a specific asset) to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary.” Please be sure to speak with your estate planner or legal adviser to answer any questions you may have.

Life Insurance Policies. You may name Harvest Home as the beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), or other retirement plan or your life insurance policy. Such a gift is easy to arrange with help from your tax advisers.

If you would like to join the Harvest Home Angels, please email us at margo@harvesthomesanctuary.org. We would be delighted to work with you and your advisers to plan a gift that would be most advantageous to you.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit and donations are tax-deductible. Our Federal Tax ID No. is 56-2515797.

More Ways to Help


Buy from supporting retailers

– Shop Our Wishlist

– Join PIGs, our Monthly Giving Club

Donation questions, address change, or credit card update? Email info@harvesthomesanctuary.org.