Miracle 565 Hen Rescue

One of the 565 hens saved from slaughter in July 2013.


Adopt an Ex-Battery Hen!

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary is seeking loving homes for 565 rescued chickens. Our sanctuary received an emergency call to save the lives of hundreds of birds from a battery cage egg facility in mid-July 2013.   We need your help to find all the birds homes!

Adoption Process

Step 1: Contact us at info@harvesthomesanctuary.org with your adoption inquiry. In your email inquiry, please provide your full name, physical address, and phone number along with the number of hens you are interested in adopting and a photograph of your chicken living area. We will send you an adoption email response within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 2: A Harvest Home representative will conduct a pre-screening phone interview with you regarding chicken care, nutrition, housing, and vet care.

Step 3: Complete the sanctuary’s “Companion Chicken Adoption Questionnaire & Contract” at the time of the adoption. A site visit by a Harvest Home representative is required to complete adoption.  The adoption fee is $5 per rescued hen. We accept cash, check, money order, or credit cards for the adoption fee.

Health Information for the Miracle 565 Hens

Breed: Single Comb White Leghorn

Age: 2.5-years-old

Physical alternation: Beak-trimmed (Please provide crumble feed for your adopted hens)

Vaccination History: Coryza, Salmonella, Newcastle, Pox, Marek’s, Infectious Bronchitis

Physical care: Nail-trimmed and dusted with Permethrin

Recommended care for hens:

  • Provide 15 – 17 percent protein feed daily with greens and scratch
  • Handle hens weekly
  • Dust hens monthly
  • De-worm twice per year
  • Provide coccidiostat twice per year
  • Schedule annual exam with a veterinarian who has experience with chicken care

For more information, please email us at info@harvesthomesanctuary.org.


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