Your $5 donation will go a long way this Friday.

5 fridayWe have the incredible honor to be featured as Kirschner’s Korner’s $5 Friday Pick on January 29, 2016. Support our lifesaving work for farmed animals by making a $5 contribution. We love helping animals and we know you do too.  Your $5 donation will help provide the following for the animals:

  • 10-pounds of carrots for our goats saved from slaughter
  • 20-pounds of bagged feed for our turkeys and chickens rescued from factory farms
  • 1 bale of fluffy straw for our ducks rescued from foie gras production to sleep on
  • 6 heads of lettuce to serve to our rabbits who were previously confined in battery cages for meat production
  • 2 gallons of gas to help transport farmed animals in need on our next rescue



Every day of the year, we can provide care for animals in need. Partner with us to help more animals in need in 2016.