Turlock Hen Rescue

turlockIn late February 2012, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary learned about the plight of 50,000 chickens–dead or starving–at A & L Poultry, an egg factory farm near Turlock, California. Within one hour of reading “The Modesto Bee” news report about this breaking animal cruelty case, we were en route to the abandoned farm to offer emergency aid to the farm’s grossly neglected hens.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary played a central role in this massive rescue by: Establishing an emergency shelter and supplying immediate nutrition for hundreds of starving hens at our rescue facility in Stockton; Transporting starving hens from the abandoned farm to various safe havens in California; Documenting the graphic conditions of dead and starving hens inside A & L Poultry’s farm; Providing a permanent home for the rescue’s special-needs hens, including 17 birds saved from drowning in A & L Poultry’s liquefied manure pits; and filing a lawsuit against the owners of A & L Poultry for willfully starving 50,000 chickens.

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