The Stockton Record: Sadey introduces kids to ‘The Turkey Life’

Read the Stockton Record feature on Sadey the Turkey:

STOCKTON — Sadey the turkey knows how to capture an audience.

Strutting across the children’s room at the Cesar Chavez Public Library, the presence of the 1½–year-old broad-breasted white turkey hen caused kids to leap out of their seats and around a pen to listen to the debut of her own autobiography.

Librarian Raquelle Deyto read aloud Sadey’s book “The Turkey Life” to several children on Thursday afternoon as part of a small book tour put together by the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary and the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library.

The 20-page book details Sadey’s life from the beginning, when as a chick she was rescued from certain death and brought to the French Camp sanctuary last year.

“She loves listening to stories and do you know where she goes to listen to all the stories?” Deyto asked the kids. “She goes to the library.”

Her gentle nature and love for helping children learn how to read has made Sadey an ambassador of the sanctuary, said Christine Morrissey.

“She is definitely the queen; she’s the CEO I would say,” Morrissey laughed.

The turkey is also a natural model — she’s been featured and interviewed on television and has her own Instagram account with 112 followers.

Morrissey travels across San Joaquin County with Sadey and other sanctuary animals to libraries and classrooms in an effort to promote early literacy.

The nonprofit organization provides lifelong care for 200 farm animals that have been formerly abused and neglected. Animals have plenty of room to roam and fresh air.

Caretakers also educate the community about proper humane animal care along with providing rehabilitation for not only Sadey, but to pigs, goats, chickens and other farm animals.

Much of the questions children had for Sadey after her book was read were aimed at her strange anatomy. Morrissey described the differences and spellings of “snoods and caruncles,” all while Sadey happily let tiny hands pet her back.

Said Morrissey: “She’s chirping in her library voice.”

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