Sanctuary Announcement

UPDATE: The sanctuary’s 120-day government quarantine ended on June 16, 2023.

Dear Friends:

This is an announcement we never wanted to have to make.

As an organization that passionately protects and advocates for birds, our worst fears have now become our new reality.

The Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza has touched down at our sanctuary. This virus is revealing its ruthless, indiscriminate, and unpredictable nature to us in real-time.

There is no licensed vaccine available, and there are no effective treatments for birds who are infected with this devastating disease.

Right now, we are singularly focused on sustaining life. Our sanctuary is currently under a 120 day government quarantine, and we are doing everything we can to fight back against this virus.

We are painfully aware of the statistical realities related to this virus. But, please know we are being given a chance of a lifetime to push forward with a different approach to tackling this cunning disease.

We are eternally grateful for the support we are receiving daily from veterinarians in private practice and with the State of California.

Navigating this new reality is complex, jarring, and devastating. There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in front of us as the virus makes its way through our friends.

We ask for patience and grace as we mourn those whom we’ve lost. We have been robbed of the vibrancy, elegance, and vitality these animals share with us each day. Without question, we will honor and memorialize each individual who has died when the time is right.

Until then, we are now wholly engaged in the fight for life. While we continue in our tireless commitment to care for the birds in quarantine, we also recognize that our lifesaving work cannot happen in isolation.

Please join with us in spirit, and through acts of kindness. There is an enormous amount of impactful work to be done on behalf of birds in our immediate area, and throughout the world. Your support is so important to the work that we do.

We are endlessly amazed and inspired by the wonder, wit, and uniqueness of each soul who lives at our sanctuary. It is an honor and a privilege to care for everyone every single day.

Let’s continue to celebrate their lives and fight like hell.

For the birds,

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

PS: We will be regularly sharing how you can help, and we thank you for your ongoing support. 


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