imageServing a two-year sentence in a undersized wire cage seemed like enough misery for one brown hen named Roberta. Unlike most factory farmed egg-laying hens, Roberta would not be slated for death because she didn’t produce enough eggs.

A second life was in store for his young hen. Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary opened its barn-doors to Robby. Life has been nothing short of great for Roberta since her arrival at our sanctuary in 2008. During the early part of April, however, Robby faced an life-threatening challenge.

Robby was found one morning with a grossly enlarged abdomen. Before long, she was sitting at the vet for an emergency exam. She had large masses trapped in her reproductive tract. Without surgical intervention, Roberta would slowly suffocate to death. Two days later, she was under the knife.

Thanks to donations from the public, Roberta was blessed with a third life. Her recovery has been nothing short of perfect. As you can imagine, surgical intervention carries a heavy price-tag. Each chicken surgery costs approximately $1,000.