Rascal’s Story: An unwanted companion, surrendered to House Rabbit Society

rascalRascal, an athletic English Spot and one of Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary’s original residents, was both the welcome wagon and reporter of the rabbit room for many years.

Rascal was on the beat all day, every day in search of a juicy lead story. Often times, her investigations involved a certain measure of disturbance. As a true muckraker, she chased down her interviews, stole her competitors’ information, and tripped others for good facts. In rabbit translation, Rascal loved to chase rabbits, steal food and trip the human caregivers of Harvest Home. No doubt, our girl deserved a Pulitzer Prize.

Rascal enjoyed her golden years in peaceful retirement in an exclusive enclosure in the rabbit building, for older rabbits. She lived a more relaxed life, enjoying her time spent lounging and nibbling on fine hays.

Rascal was originally surrendered to House Rabbit Society in Richmond, as an unwanted companion animal. When she arrived at Harvest Home in 2006, an official sanctuary of House Rabbit Society, she was extremely sick. Rascal recovered quickly. She enjoyed a happy and healthy life with us at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary.