PIGs Monthly Giving Club Members

Harvest Home would like to extend our deepest thanks to the members of PIGs: Partners in Giving, Harvest Home’s Monthly Giving Club!

PIGs Club Charter Members

  • Margo DeMello (Jorge the Chicken)
  • Dorie Giuliano
  • Han-Yu Loo (Mohawk the Pig)
  • Melissa G. (Poppy the Rabbit)
  • Lisa Hernandez (Kerrie the Turkey)
  • Janelle Kessler (Mattie the Turkey)
  • Judith Lorber (Rosie the Guinea Pig)
  • Christine Morrissey (Vanessa the Chicken)
  • Megan Ortiz
  • Dana Portnoy (James the Rabbit, Valentine the rabbit and Elvis the Chicken)
  • Susan Rudnicki
  • Laura Toller Gardner
  • Michael Wu
  • R. G. (Matthew and Sunol the Turkeys)
  • Nina T. (Rufus the Guinea Pig)
  • Bahareh Webb (Monkey the Rabbit)
  • Kerrie Lynn Wooten (Kerrie the Turkey)

PIGs Club Members

  • Anne Martin

If you’d like to join this select group, just go to our Sponsorship page, pick the animal you want to sponsor, and choose and choose “monthly donation.”