OMG (Oh My Goat)…look who was just rescued!


Please welcome Leopold to the sanctuary. Leo’s story is a sad and shocking one.

We received a call this month to help this little guy from a local vet tech. Leo was sold at a flea market and was being used as “entertainment” at a birthday party at a residence in Modesto.

At the party, he was tethered in the front yard and being taunted by the party guests. The vet tech was in the neighborhood and witnessed what was happening to this bewildered baby. She quickly intervened and rescued him. Thereafter, she reached out to us for help.

This little boy is ear-tagged and spray painted on his back. It’s possible he had also endured a traumatic visit to an auction yard.

We are shocked by what has happened to this little guy in his short life so far. We are incredibly happy he is safe with us now.

Welcome to the sanctuary life, little man. We will protect you.