A new year, a new rescue


If you think animals don’t have emotions, Rosie will change your mind. Over the last week, this 14-year-old elder goat has spent her nights crying and calling out for her longtime companion goat Junior to return. Sadly, 17-year-old Junior passed away from natural causes last week. For more than a decade, Rosie and Junior enjoyed life together, always by each other’s side.

Today, Rosie is opening a new chapter in her life in a new place. Desperately seeking companionship, Rosie arrived at our sanctuary this week. In a short time, after she settles in, she will meet a new circle of friends — nine other rescued goats. Without question, she will have her own ‘social network’ with many new friends to share life with again. Had she not found sanctuary, we were told she would have been given away to a local farm-hand for a BBQ. We can’t even imagine that horrific outcome for her. This is Rosie, a survivor of the goat meat industry.