Natalie’s Story: The last hen rescued from the manure pits at the abandoned factory farm in Turlock

imageSaved from the brink of death, Natalie the Ex-Battery Hen is enjoying the peaceful landscape of Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. In fact, she is delighted by jumping out of her exercise pen and running inside to perch on a clock radio at the end of the day. She is unstoppable!

As you may remember, Natalie is the last hen to be saved from the intense two-day rescue at the now infamous A & L Poultry, the abandoned egg farm in California’s Stanislaus County. She was found languishing in a liquefied manure pit at the egg farm. Initially, rescuers weren’t allowed to access the manure pits on Friday evening to save her. After a desperate plea, Nat Smith and Kelle Kacmarcik, volunteer vet techs, convinced a state veterinarian to capture Natalie before she drowned in the manure pool.