Meet Tommy Tacos

tommyNEW RESCUE! Dodging speeding cars and barreling big rigs on a rural road near Highway 4 in San Joaquin County, this bewildered stray dog was nearly pancaked by motorists today.

Stopping to help, a sanctuary rescuer was able to catch the dog before the dog was almost killed on the road. This sweet-natured dog is covered in matted hair, reeks of urine, and sustained a deep wound on his face and nose from an unknown cause.

Now safe at the sanctuary, he is resting tonight with medicated pain relief on a cozy fleece bed.

ADOPTED! Three short weeks ago, we found little Tommy Tacos wandering and injured on the rural backroads of Stockton. While rehabbing at the sanctuary, Tommy’s larger-than-life personality completely charmed us. Tommy’s zest for life is unmatched.

Shortly after we posted about Tommy’s adoption availability, a wonderful family from Long Beach ran across Tommy’s story online and fell instantly in love with this playful boy. This weekend, Tommy’s forever family made the 5.5-hour trek up to Stockton to adopt him.

We are incredibly grateful Tommy found such great home. Adoption saves lives. Paws up for the incomparable Tommy Tacos!