Junebug and Kealy

Special-needs guinea pigs find refuge at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary.

Junebug (Left): Suffering from a shattered leg injury, Junebug was found in a cardboard box outside of a CVS Drugstore in Fremont, Calif. To alleviate her constant pain, Junebug’s leg was removed by a small animal vet to the tune of $700. Her recovery has been going extremely well. As a tripod guinea pig, Junebug looks forward to a future free of neglect with her companion Kealy.

Kealy (Right): Kealy, who is battling a painful ear infection, was a “breeder leftover” at a local Petco store. The infection induced a head tilting condition that is impacting Kealy’s ability to walk. Thanks to an aggressive antibiotic regime, Kealy’s health is improving day by day. She is a brave soul with a heart of gold.image