Join the Harvest Home PIGs Club and Get A Tote Bag!

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary would like to invite you to join our VERY exclusive group of members who donate to the sanctuary on a monthly basis. These special members sustain us in a way that pays our animal care expenses every month. Without this special club, we could not survive.

Just go to our Sponsorship page, pick the animal you want to sponsor, and choose and choose “monthly donation.” Once you’ve entered your information, your credit card will be charged every month for the amount that you choose. If you decides at any point that you’d like to change or cancel your monthly donation, you can simply log into to your account and do so. Alternatively, if you’d rather your donation not be tied to an animal sponsorship, you can go to our Network for Good page and just pick the “recurring donation choice.” It’s that simple!

As a special thank you to our PIGs Club members who join at the $40 (or more) per month SUPER PIG level, we would like to offer you a special  edition recycled aluminum sanctuary necklace or keychain (let us know which you’d like) made by Christy Robinson.

totebagAs a special thank you to those who join at the PIG level of $20-39 per month, we will be sending you a terrific new tote bag to take shopping with you!

image And as a special thank you to our members who join at the $10-$19 per month PIGLET level, we would like to offer you a crocheted pig keychain, hand-made in Thailand by Hmong members of the Lanna tribe, who have switched from growing opium to making fair trade crafts like this.