Donate a Bed!

A great way to help!

Kuranda USA is a small manufacturing company whose slogan is ‘On the floor no more!‘ Kuranda believes that no cat or dog should have to sleep on the cold, hard floor – everyone deserves a clean, comfy bed!
Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds
Kuranda Dog Beds

Through their Donate-A-Bed Program for shelters and rescues across the country, they’re offering a range of amazing beds at a discount for the dogs and cats of Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. If you would like to join with Kuranda in making the dreams of one of our many permanent rescues or temporary fosters come true, please check out their website. Once you make the donation, they will ship the bed you selected directly to us!

It’s easy, it’s incredibly helpful for us, and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on the face of an abandoned pup or a kitty in need.

Thank you so much!