Selma’s Story: Elderly guardian moved to assisted living, leaving her behind

In July 2011, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary welcomed Selma, a 13-year-old goat. Selma formerly resided in Hayward, Calif. Selma’s previous guardian, who entered assisted living recently, could no longer care for her and her two goat buddies (Abe and Milton, who have since passed away). Selma is now enjoying her new life at our rescue center in Stockton with her new friend Mocha.


Merl’s Story: Saved from slaughter

merlDid you know that meat goat production is one of the fastest growing sectors of the American livestock industry? We are so happy our rescued goat, Merl, will never see the inside of a slaughterhouse.

Covered in feces, dirt and urine, Merl was found wandering near a horse stable in the Altamont Hills. The stable owners were desperate to find a place for him. They were even considering sending him to auction. Luckily, we were contacted before he arrived at auction.

Today, Merl is enjoying life on pasture with his goat “bros.”


Picasso’s Story: A former 4-H goat

picassoIf you look up the word “goofball” in Webster’s Dictionary, you will find a photograph of Picasso.

Picasso the Goat arrived in 2009 with Chagall. Picasso’s a former 4H goat who is missing one of his horns. Have you seen his missing horn?


Mocha’s Story: Living lawnmower, went on the roof

A neighborhood purchased Mocha with the intent for her to be a living lawnmower for the brush in the Oakland Hills. After Mocha got comfortable, she started going on the roofs of the homes, and was no longer wanted.

At Harvest Home, Mocha loves her goat chow and greens, a scratch on the head, and roaming the pasture with her friend Selma the goat.  She never goes on the roof.


Chagall’s Story: Former 4-H goat

Harvest Home opened its barn doors to Chagall and Picasso in 2009. Both goat boys were former 4-H animals.

Since arriving at Harvest Home, Chagall and his brother have enjoyed the pasture lifestyle. Chagall is quite outgoing, while Picasso is a little timid. Whenever a person passes through the front gate entrance, Chagall is first on the scene to welcome everyone with a warm “Meh-eh-eh-eh”. A smile from the passerby is guaranteed.


Tucker’s Story: Free goat on Craigslist

tuckerTucker is one of Harvest Home’s founding residents! The co-founding humans of Harvest Home were on Craigslist and saw a post for a “free goat” who was no longer wanted. When they arrived to pick up Tucker, he was tied to a post out front.

Tucker rules the front pasture at Harvest Home and keeps the other boy goats in line…even though he is the shortest, smallest one! He has been known to try to keep the humans in line, too. Tucker is a playful goat with a mischievous streak.