Natalie’s Story: The last hen rescued from the manure pits at the abandoned factory farm in Turlock

Saved from the brink of death, Natalie the Ex-Battery Hen is enjoying the peaceful landscape of Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. In fact, she is delighted by jumping out of her exercise pen and running inside to perch on a clock radio at the end of the day. She is unstoppable!

As you may remember, Natalie is the last hen to be saved from the intense two-day rescue at the now infamous A & L Poultry, the abandoned egg farm in California’s Stanislaus County. She was found languishing in a liquefied manure pit at the egg farm. Initially, rescuers weren’t allowed to access the manure pits on Friday evening to save her. After a desperate plea, Nat Smith and Kelle Kacmarcik, volunteer vet techs, convinced a state veterinarian to capture Natalie before she drowned in the manure pool.


Dante’s Story: Narrowly Escaped the 2010 San Bruno Pipeline Explosion

Dante’s Rescue Story: Narrowly escaped the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion

Relationship Status: “Going steady” with Brooklyn the Red Star Hen for the last six months

Personality: Dante is a confident little man. He guards and graces the front pasture with the seriousness and regard of a solider. Beneath his feathered armor, Dante is a gentleman who is devoted to the love of his life, Brooklyn.

Likes: Walking on the sanctuary perimeter fenceline, eating Laverne the Hen’s daily soup and strolling around the sanctuary with his girlfriend in the evening

Dislikes: Maxwell the Rooster and visiting owls


Kelsey’s Story: Saved from the manure pits of an abandoned factory farm in Turlock

The content expression on Kelsey’s face is an affirmative inspiration to push forward in our work to save the lives of animals abused systematically on factory farms.

If we can save the life of Kelsey the Ex-Battery Hen, we can move mountains for the billions of animals suffering on factory farms worldwide through advocacy and action.

Kelsey was one of the starving hens pulled from the manure pits at A&L Poultry in February 2012. She now lives a life of bliss at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in California.

Sponsor Kelsey, and give her all the best things in life – fresh bedding, fresh food, freedom, and vet care.


Brandi’s Story: Saved from the manure pits of an abandoned factory farm in Turlock

Brandi, a starving hen recently rescued from the manure pits at the abandoned A&L Poultry egg factory farm, visited a group of kindergarten students at Cassell Elementary School in San Jose in April 2012. The students learned about the importance of caring for companions animals and the stages of life for a chicken.

Recently, the Cassell kindergarten class was planning an egg hatching project. The teacher posted a Craigslist ad about the project. We contacted the teacher to share information about the animal welfare and public health concerns surrounding classroom egg hatching projects. As an alternative to the egg project, we offered to visit the class to educate her young students about life cycles through an interactive, no-cost presentation. The teacher accepted the sanctuary’s offer for humane education outreach. Moreover, the teacher abandoned her plans to organize a classroom hatching project.

To bolster compassion and kindness for animals, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary provides free educational presentations to local youth and community groups on the topics of humane care and animal welfare. Learn more about our educational presentations!


Rhiannon’s Story: Saved from breeding cockfighting roosters

rhiannonRiannon, a former cockfighting breeder hen who landed at the Hayward Animal Shelter, couldn’t  wait to open a new chapter of her life at the sanctuary in October 2011. Within minutes of touching down on Stockton soil for the first time, she got busy with a good old-fashioned dustbath while several sanctuary roosters sounded off with welcoming crows from afar. We caught a quick action shot of her mid-bath.


Cassidy’s Story: Saved from the manure pits of an abandoned factory farm in Turlock

Rescued from A & L Poultry, Cassidy the Hen spends her days dustbathing, gobbling down cracked corn and watching her boyfriend (Donald the Rooster) at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary.

Lance Pants

Lance Pants’ Story: Abandoned after foreclosure

Lance Pants is one of the seven nearly identical bantam roosters the sanctuary welcomed in from a farm foreclosure crisis in Yuba City. In 2010, the owner of a farm abandoned all her animals living on the land, including Lance and his six brothers. At the time of abandonment, they were just chicks—desperate and helpless. The seven birds eventually found sanctuary in Stockton.  Today, Lance enjoys chasing the hens of Harvest Home and crowing morning, noon and night.


Chloe’s Story: Ex-cockfighting breeder hen, rescued in the biggest seizure of cockfighting knives in US history

chloeHarvest Home Animal Sanctuary is pleased to introduce you to Chloe the Ex-Cockfighting Breeder Hen. She found sanctuary at our rescue facility in Stockton, after a cockfighting raid in Tulare County June 12, 2012. The raid, conducted by HSUS and the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department resulted in the arrest of two suspected cockfighters, the seizure of the largest number of cockfighting knives in US history, and the seizure of 388 hens and roosters.  We are so thankful to be able to open our doors to Chloe, 4 other ex-cockfighting breeder hens, and a single chick – at Harvest Home, they will live out the rest of their lives in peace and friendship with other animals. This historic raid reminds us of the importance of helping animals in need every day. This photograph was taken moments after Chloe arrived at Harvest Home Sanctuary.

Watch the Fox40 TV news story about Chloe and her companions’ arrival at Harvest Home, and the record-setting cockfighting knife seizure in Tulare County.