Take a vacation knowing that your pet is too. Next time you go away, board your cat, small animal, or rabbit at the Harvest Home Hotel!

We offer reasonably-priced boarding services for rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, rats and other small critters. Vacationing animals will enjoy the comfort of living in the sanctuary’s main house with 24/7 care.

We supply our small animal guests with a comfortable living space with rugs, towels, litter boxes and boxes to hide in. Pellets, hay and fresh greens are provided. If your rabbit is on a special diet, please let us know.

Cats are boarded in our spacious office area and have free run of the private space. There are places to lounge, cat trees to climb and cozy beds to sleep on. Basic cat food is provided, but if your feline is on a special diet please let us know.

All our guests receive lots of attention, 24-hour care, and any medical needs met, including oral medications, injections, and subcutaneous fluids.

Our rates (per night):

Single rabbit: $15
Rabbit pair: $20
Single cat: $20
Pair of cats: $25

To find out more about the Harvest Home Hotel, and to request more prices and to book your pet’s visit, email or call (209) 244-7174.

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